The Useless Act of Fearing Consequence

More stoney thoughts that seemed profound at the time, but may not make a ton of sense in the morning hours.  Fearing the consequences of getting what we want. Fearing the return of natural balance - if I achieve something great, I am subjected to the natural consequence of that greatness - kind of like … Continue reading The Useless Act of Fearing Consequence

Collective Conscious

I'm back to thinking about the collective conscious. If this is all truly a hologram of a greater consciousness' experience...then everything that everyone else knows is what we know. There is no separation of the "self" only one collective experience. The things happening around the world are all part of our own personal is … Continue reading Collective Conscious

The Flashback

I keep forgetting to write this down... The other night I was laying down and had a flashback to my childhood. I was probably around 4 years old, playing in my parents' house with a set of small plastic fruits. In that moment, I remember shouting "I NEVER get what I want!" Obviously, I was … Continue reading The Flashback


I "scribbled" these thoughts down last night while stoned...they made so much more sense in my head.  If you think about something small, like a piece of fruit you can easily make it appear in your life. If you want to own a dog, you can easily make that happen.  We manifest all the time. … Continue reading Manifesting

An Observation

I continue my journey inward in an attempt to understand how my thoughts play out in my everyday life. I made an observation this afternoon that seemed most profound, well, profound at least to me. Everyone seems to function in a constant reactive state. Reacting to everyone and everything around them, with little or no … Continue reading An Observation

Subconscious Inspiration

So...awhile ago I watched a documentary narrated by Joe Rogan on Netflix called "DMT - The Spirit Molecule," and was fascinated by it. I've watched it over and over and just can't get enough of the thought of consciousness, its impact on our lives and how so many of us walk around blindly, paying no … Continue reading Subconscious Inspiration

Just for Today

The day will unfold as it will, in perfect rhythm. Your intentions are known. Opportunities to have the things you need and want will present themselves. For just this one day, be the observer. Allow yourself to believe that your desires will be fulfilled and your problems solved, without overthinking every detail. Situations will seemingly … Continue reading Just for Today

The Divinity Within

The reason things don't work is because we use our consciousness to manipulate situations. But it's really no wonder that that doesn't work. There's just too much noise, too much interference. If we could let go and trust that our needs and wants are absolutely perfect and just let them play out as they shall, … Continue reading The Divinity Within