Subconscious Inspiration

So…awhile ago I watched a documentary narrated by Joe Rogan on Netflix called “DMT – The Spirit Molecule,” and was fascinated by it. I’ve watched it over and over and just can’t get enough of the thought of consciousness, its impact on our lives and how so many of us walk around blindly, paying no attention to what a miracle consciousness actually is. 

Apparently all this thought about consciousness sunk into my subconscious and I awoke one morning with the idea for a story. So, I wrote it. It’s a bit romantic and a bit erotic. Apparently the DMT documentary was the spark to move forward from within my own consciousness. 

I published the short story on Amazon and am giving it away for free today. Yes…it’s a bit of an erotic story, but it’s really all about one woman’s journey to explore herself, challenge her beliefs, and inevitably find herself. If you’re interested, you can find it here –

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