Collective Conscious

I’m back to thinking about the collective conscious. If this is all truly a hologram of a greater consciousness’ experience…then everything that everyone else knows is what we know. There is no separation of the “self” only one collective experience. The things happening around the world are all part of our own personal experience…it is our experience. Perhaps events are presented to us…on the news, etc…for us to share the experience of others…because those “others” are actually us. 

Which leads me to think that if this is an experience of “something” else, then doesn’t it stand to reason that we can communicate back to that consciousness exactly what we want to experience in our perceived personal reality?

If that’s the case, then when things don’t go “our way” it’s not to say they won’t…it just means it’s not time for those things to happen. They will come in time…but we must understand that we have other things to accomplish before those things can come into our reality.

If this is what we believe, then we must trust in the perfection of our creation and know that the outcomes will be perfect…in the right time. 

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