The Flashback

I keep forgetting to write this down…

The other night I was laying down and had a flashback to my childhood. I was probably around 4 years old, playing in my parents’ house with a set of small plastic fruits. In that moment, I remember shouting “I NEVER get what I want!” Obviously, I was a child and there had to be boundaries…but the theme carried throughout my adolescence and early adulthood. 

My parents were older when I came along…my dad being of the Great Depression Generation, he said “no” a lot. I learned to appreciate the little things, but came to think that everything else was just too much to ask for…and to be satisfied with what I had. And again, that’s not all bad. What’s bad is that being raised like this lets you strive for exactly what you’ve always gotten…in my case, I always got “just enough.” 

Changing your programming isn’t easy…I still get distracted, even a little lost, along the way…but it’s so worth it. Never ever give up on improving yourself. You’re worth it. 

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