A Letter to Myself

I’ve heard that god…or whatever is out there communicates through feelings. I just want you to know…love is nothing short of a blessing. A gift. I have experienced the most amazing feeling of all…true love. A love that is so pure that I wanted to give myself. Which was my gift. My body, my mind, my spirit, and most of all, my love. I believe that you are worthy of me…that you deserve me…not that I’m the greatest, but I’m all I have…and that is a sacred understanding. To gift yourself to someone is no small gesture. It should be cherished. You’re worthy of happiness and true, unabashed love. You can have it all…if only you saw the possibilities. What you’re failing to see is that you keep thinking you have to solve for all your other situations and problems first…before you can be happy. What you’re missing is that solving those problems starts with solving yourself. Once you find your happiness, with whomever that might be, your other troubles will soon just melt away and be miraculously solved…because you’ll have changed your point-of-view. 

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