Know Thy Self

Creating your own reality doesn’t start with convincing yourself of anything. You don’t have to believe far-fetched dreams that seemingly can’t become reality. It starts with knowing yourself. 

Doesn’t it seem that people who have achieved great things seemingly have experienced great losses before they start seeing sweeping positive changes in their lives? I believe that is because that is the place where they truly know themselves. When you’re torn down to the basics, there is no more pretense. You are simply you…there is nothing more to blame. It is an understanding you receive when you are finally alone with yourself. 
Maybe there’s a way to be alone with yourself before you’re faced with a devastation. Maybe all it takes is questioning what you truly want which may uncover that what you originally thought you wanted wasn’t what you wanted at all. Maybe that’s why we keep tripping over ourselves, unable to make things happen in our lives…because we’re chasing the wrong goal. 

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