I had a thought this morning. When it comes to life, many people use the example of climbing a mountain…you must prepare and it all begins with only one step. By the time you’ve completed your training, you know you will accomplish your goal on reaching the summit. 

If we were to truly look at our lives in this way, we must first look at our struggles and challenges as part of our training. Nothing about it is wrong or too challenging…it’s just the experience we need to reach our summit. So, accept the challenges, accept the struggles, and when you’re truly ready, you’ll know that you have all the tools to succeed! Believe that you are ready and start your journey to the summit. You have everything you need…all you are lacking is the realization that you are ready to embark…perhaps some sign to tell you your training is over. The truth, however, is that all you are lacking is faith in yourself. You are divine, therefore you are ready. 

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