When I first started on this journey “inward” I was pretty typical. Constantly reacting to my outside influences and situations. The pivotal moment in my life came when I took a trip to my ex’s dad’s house. They lived a unique lifestyle…very in the moment, very free. 

There I was, in my late twenties never having experienced truly being accepted. I was always living up to someone else’s standards and ideas of what was right. During the week I spent in their home I felt truly accepted…even when we differed in opinion on various topics. From that time on, I began to accept myself as I was. I accepted my alternative ideas, my explorative thoughts, my seemingly unpopular views on social stigmas, you name it. That was the key – acceptance. Once I started accepting myself, it mattered less and less what others thought. My peers expected me to be like them…which I basically saw as “judgmental.” I knew that I was a good person, although some would question my new journey…labeling it as “weird.”

Even now, I find great pleasure in accepting myself and others for who they are. Not saying I like everything I see in others, but I no longer wish to change anyone…I simply accept them and if they don’t fit into my life, I move on. There’s a peace in that. 

Love yourself, accept others as they are. Don’t waste your time with judgement, for there is no such thing. This life is truly about your perceptions…mostly about yourself. 

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