True Happiness 

I don’t know if you know what I mean when I say I love something. It’s the most incredible feeling, where your breath catches in your chest, and you love with an anticipation that is rivaled by no other. It’s the most incredible feeling of love and admiration. It’s an excitement that you cannot compare to any other feeling. You smile uncontrollably and your eyes dance with excitement. It’s feeling pure exhilaration, and your need for it to go on is like a drug. I wish words could describe how all consuming the glow of love is when you experience this type of elation. It is happiness. True happiness. 

Carl Jung

Saw this on Carl Jung’s Facebook page…you have to know the lows before you can appreciate the highs. 

At your low point you are no longer distinct from your fellow human beings. 

You are not ashamed and do not regret it, since insofar as you live the life of your fellow beings and descend to their lowliness / you also climb into the holy stream of common life, where you are no longer an individual on a high mountain, but a fish among fish, a frog among frogs.
Your heights are your own mountain, which belongs to you and you alone. There you are individual and live your very own life.

If you live your own life, you do not live the common life, which is always continuing and never-ending, the life of history and the inalienable and ever-present burdens and products of the human race.

There you live the endlessness of being, but not the becoming. Becoming belongs to the heights and is full of torment.

How can you become if you never are?

Therefore you need your bottommost, since there you are. But therefore you also need your heights, since there you become.

If you live the common life at your lowest reaches, then you become aware of your self.

If you are on your heights, then you are your best, and you become aware only of your best, but not that which you are in the general life as a being.

What one is as one who becomes, no one knows. But on the heights, imagination is at its strongest.

For we imagine that we know what we are as developing beings, and even more so, the less we want to know what we are as beings.

Because of that we do not love the condition of our being brought low; although or rather precisely because only there do we attain clear knowledge of ourselves. C. G. Jung. The Red Book.



In recent months, due to all kinds of random elements, I feel as though my creative writing ability has been lacking, to say the least. As I awaken from this “sleep,” I realized that my creativity came from observations…noticing. Some people will call this “awareness”…but whatever you label it, it is simply noticing your situations, your experiences, your feelings. Once you begin to pay attention to your life events and how you react to them, you will find a deeper meaning within yourself. Take a moment…what do you notice?


I just watched a clip on Facebook about the girl from the Wonder Years. Basically, she found what she loved after Hollywood…she found her happiness. (You can watch the video here –

The very next post I saw read, “This is the dream.” Which was basically a person playing with a puppy. That’s when I realized, although I love playing with puppies, is that really “the dream”…the one thing I strive for…the one thing that would fulfill me? The simple answer is, “No.” My dreams are much bigger and even though fulfilling that puppy dream would be highly attainable…I began wondering why we dream so small? Why not dream big? Then I realized, we have been conditioned to strive for simple things…things that we perceive as attainable. 

If playing with puppies is your dream, then I want you to know that I’m happy for you…your life is set! If finding love, wealth, spiritual growth…whatever your dream may be, then I’m happy for you…your life is set! The bottom line is, you can achieve your dreams…no matter how big or small! This is your new reality…this is the reality where magic happens! Believe and it will come.