You’d Better Believe It

I wrote this late last night…I think it makes sense…although my examples could be better…but you get the picture. 

I’ve heard one too many times that “thoughts are energy.” It’s true…but I’m sick of hearing it. Here’s the simplest way to make things happen in your life – know what you want. Know it. I’ll say it again, know it. 

Know it with the conviction that you have when you decide on what you want for lunch. Nothing will stop you from getting it…because you won’t stop until you do. Plans might change for a day or so…but you will eat where and what you want. 

Here’s another example, I want to plant a tree in my yard. I’ll make it happen. I might have to save the money to buy the tree, dig the hole, etc. I want it…so I’m gonna make it happen. 

Then, all of a sudden, things start to happen…trees might go on sale, a friend may call and ask to goto lunch, all kinds of things start to fall into place. It simply starts with that kind of belief. 

Sure, things you don’t want to happen do indeed happen. However, many of those things end up being you observing them happen…but you still have a choice whether or not it is something you truly don’t want. You learn from those events…and you recover. 

It’s the feeling of “failure is NOT an option.”

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