Who I Was & Who I Am

What I wanted at 25 is a far cry from what I want at almost 40. Not saying that it "wasn't what I truly wanted," actually, it was...at least it was then. I stumbled upon a mentor and took his advice...and it made me into the person...no...it made me into the professional I am today. But … Continue reading Who I Was & Who I Am

And Then I Woke Up

After a slew of let downs, I can't deny that my outlook has been a bit bleak. I want so terribly to believe in myself...my future...my goals...but let downs can yield a devastating blow. Then I woke up. Literally. I woke this morning knowing that let downs aren't going to stop me from pursuing, and … Continue reading And Then I Woke Up

Meditation & Marijuana

There really isn't a better combination than meditation & marijuana...actually, it's the other way around. Anyway, I got to thinking about just how wonderful life would be if we could walk outside and love Nature so much that we nurtured and cared for her as much as we care for ourselves and our families. We … Continue reading Meditation & Marijuana

Thoughts on Inspiration

They...whoever "they" are...say that inspiration can strike anywhere at any time. I say, hog wash! The only place I find inspiration is when my mind is at ease, at rest, and very much in the present. I observe things differently in these states. I have found these moments when sober...but they are fleeting and seem … Continue reading Thoughts on Inspiration

This is Blowing My Mind

Just saw a post on History.com's Facebook page about a newly discovered planet, similar to earth, only a few light years away. I like astronomy...at times I'm fascinated by it...but not enough to really geek out on it. Not that this wouldn't be pretty mind blowing when sober...but I am presently stoned and just can't … Continue reading This is Blowing My Mind

A Chance Encounter

I recently met a man who emailed me through Facebook. I figured he was just trying to get to know me...then I realized something greater. Within 2 minutes of our chat, he told me he was a woman trapped in a man's body and was debating transitioning from man to woman. My reply was simply, … Continue reading A Chance Encounter