Finding Passion

For years I’ve tried to visualize the life I wanted so I could somehow start working my way there. And for years, I struggled…I knew what I wanted, but could never get excited about it because I had no idea how it would come to be in my life. I could never have quite enough faith as the “manifesting gurus.” But I guess I actually did have enough faith, because everything came together in just one moment. 

It was probably a 10 second experience and it just happened a few minutes ago. My dream scenario flashed into my mind, completely unannounced, and I felt an overwhelming amount of joy from watching it play out. Why did I suddenly experience such excitement? Because I now know exactly what I want to do in my career and that career is the key to unlocking all of my dreams. 

My career has always been important to me…but I was raised to think of the money first. It truly would have been better for a person like me to be passionate about my industry first, and then worry about the living it would provide…unhappiness leads to mental wandering for me…which leads to frustration and negativity. I never realized how important being happy was to me…it was never encouraged in my childhood – but somewhere along my way through my twenties I started to wake up and realize how important happiness is…and it’s not selfish to want to find your own happiness. 

Anyway…I’ve never been able to relate to sayings such as, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” I never knew what I loved…I was always chasing the almighty dollar. Eventually I gave up on everything. I was completely lost and did not know where my next step would take me when suddenly everything changed. I saw an opportunity to break into a new industry and took a chance on sending out resumes. Within a couple of days pieces literally started falling into place and now I know how to reach every dream I’ve ever wanted. 

It’s an amazing feeling to suddenly know your path after walking in complete darkness for more than a year…and the coolest thing is, my path literally rose up to meet me. I did not seek it out…I didn’t even know what hit me. I now know that nothing can stop me…I’m not sure when I’ll succeed, but I’m passionate now and I know my dreams are coming true. 

It all makes sense now…this couldn’t have happened ten years ago…it couldn’t have happened yesterday either…every single step I’ve taken had to occur so I could be exactly who I am now. It wasn’t a moment too soon or a second too late. A perfectly timed Universe…imagine that! 

In closing, I’d like to tell you that if you don’t know what your passion is, just be patient. It’s coming…the information you’re gathering now is leading the way…your passion will find you. You’ve already asked for it. 

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