I Really Do Think of the Stupidest Sh*t

I was so proud of myself for doing something so ridiculously simple, I actually sent this picture and text below to my boyfriend. I can’t honestly tell you why I’ve never thought of this before…perhaps because I don’t eat peanut butter and bananas all that often…or perhaps it’s a lazy mind, or perhaps a much deeper childhood issue…yeah…probably all of those. 

Stoner Moment – The peanut butter banana duo is sacred. Any self-respecting person knows the level of importance for having peanut butter on every bite. The question about how to accomplish this without getting banana in the peanut butter jar is age old…and then there’s the issue of double-dipping. Now, you may ask, why not just scoop out a bunch of PB onto a plate? Well, I never wanted to be wasteful. It was always more efficient to go straight from the jar. Well, today I can happily say, “Problem Solved!” Now…I realized after the fact that I should’ve done it on the other side of the banana…the downside to the “Stoner Moment.” Oh…and a special mention to all you Elvis lovers out there. 

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