I Just Manifested A Pineapple

Recently I made a couple of changes in my life…I quit smoking, and mostly quit drinking. I wasn’t looking to quit drinking…but I just haven’t felt like doing it, so I stopped. Anyway, these changes have had some great side-effects. Primarily, I’m not nearly as tired as I’ve been in the past…which has led to 3am posts about manifesting pineapples. So allow me to explain…

During a bout of insomnia I decided to smoke a bit of marijuana and watch a video on YouTube about Ancient Knowledge and Phi and Fibonnaci, etc. They were talking about Phi in nature, more specifically, in flowers. This got me thinking about pineapples – if you’re stoned, it’s kind of neat to think about pineapples as the “flowers” of their little bushes – and where Phi occurs in them. Less than a minute later the showed a man holding a pineapple, showing Phi. Seriously? This random pineapple is so much more than mere coincidence…not to mention how staggering the creation implications of Phi and Fibonnaci in nature truly are. Mind. Blown. 

Now go out and manifest your pineapples!

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