Well, This is Odd

About an hour ago I was asking the Universe, “After all the times you’ve proven yourself to me, why do I continue to doubt you and your power within me?”

The Present – I’m watching a show on sacred geometry and am fascinated. I never understood geometry and was never very good with ratios and measurements, either. I flashed all the way back to elementary school and realized that, even then, I overthought everything. I always needed to know “why”…before I could love to the next step. 

Hang on…total side track! Yes, you read that right, it says, “…before I could love to the next step.” I was just proofing this post and saw that the word “move” was replaced with “love”!!! Are you kidding?!? Whether I accidentally pressed the L or spell-check did yet another random correction, that’s quite an interesting typo…I suppose the Universe is speaking to me once again! Love will move me, you, us to the next step!

Back on track now…

I never realized it, but I have literally questioned everything…my entire life. For example, “Why would you think to measure this point to that one…and not this one over here?” and “Why is this result significant?” You get the picture. 

As an adult, I need more proof than ever. When I get proof, I say, “I’ll never doubt you again!” I’ve even bargained with the Universe by saying, “If you make this happen, I’ll never doubt you again!” Then the miraculous happens and I immediately dismiss it as coincidence…yet, I truly don’t believe in coincidence. I know…I’m my own worst enemy. 

In an effort to find a solution to my ever doubting mind, I suppose I must first answer this – 

When will I realize that my need to have tangible proof is fulfilled each time I manifest something I truly want? 

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