The Witching Hour Was Active Last Night…

My subconscious kept feeding me thoughts in the wee hours of the morning. They were simple, yet poignant. Halloween approaches, the veil between the worlds is getting thinner. 

Writer’s Unlock: One Heated Conversation is All It Takes

All it took today to get my thoughts flowing was one heated conversation about arrogant people being willfully ignorant.   Moral of the Story: If you want to write passionately, you must feel passionate about whatever you’re writing about. Simply mix cannabis with one ignorant conversation and POOF…you’ve unlocked your mind!

Writer’s Unlock: The Cannabis Cure for Writer’s Block

Well, another morning’s wake and bake has led to a bit of inspiration. Let’s see how this comes out.  The other day, when I came up with the whole “Writer’s Unlock” idea…I was having a conversation with myself. It was remarkable…it was me, only it didn’t seem like it was me. I was so focused…

Writer’s Unlock: Curing Writer’s Block with Cannabis

(These will probably change…) Step 1: Partake  Step 2: Let it sink in Step 3: As your mind begins to wander, write down your thought, no matter how scattered (see above) Step 4: Focus on those words, tear them apart Step 5: Rewrite. Reconstruct the thought Step 6: Leave it and move into another thought….

Wake & Bake Writer’s Pitfall #537 ~ It Seems Deep to Me

I guess what I’m about to say is more positively called Writer’s Unlock…rather than Writer’s Block. Not sure why I feel the need to bastardize my creative process…I guess old habits die hard.  Anyway, sometimes I have a great thought, write it down, end up unwinding the thought a thousand times and extracting its essence…only…