Things Just Got Weirder

Well, I’ve done it again…I published yet another short story. Maybe you didn’t care for my most recent “Writing Reality,” I’m not even sure how much I cared for it. Anyway, my newest story is called “The Reluctant Medium.” Just this week, pieces of the puzzle have started falling into place. If you’d like to hear about some weird things that have happened throughout my life…and by weird, I mean, dreams of dead people, numerology significance, etc….give it a go. (The link is at the bottom.)

Here’s the blurb:

I’m a skeptic. I’ve even wondered, at times, if I believe anything at all. Even now, I can’t quite get my head around all of this. The part that I can’t reconcile is that I’m a skeptic…and I’m a medium…but a reluctant one, at best. I’ve had all kinds of experiences that I cannot explain – dreams and visions, encounters with bizarre numerology…I’ve even written my reality into existence. These pages capture my life’s experiences, my skepticism, and my journey as I start down an entirely new, unexpected path in life.


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