“Exploring Spirituality?”

An excerpt from my upcoming short story, "Exploring Spirituality?" Coming soon to Amazon Kindle.  You can read the inspiration for my upcoming guide to spirituality in my short story, "The Reluctant Medium" by Josie de Vere on Amazon Kindle. 

Allow Yourself to Dream

The past two days have been amazing and eye-opening. I discovered what I truly love, which allowed me to set a goal...which is allowing me to build my ability to manifest. I think I finally get it...but I'm sure there's much more to learn.  Follow my journey from the beginning, "The Reluctant Medium" by Josie … Continue reading Allow Yourself to Dream

Another Dream of the Dead

Last night I dreamed of my dog Gracie, who passed away peacefully in December 2014. It was a peaceful dream - she was old in my dream, as she was before she died. I felt as though she was holding on for me and my ex. She was such a kind, sweet dog...perhaps the best … Continue reading Another Dream of the Dead