Threads of Backwards Honesty

If the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” originated/was popularized with advertising, then it seems only natural to look at advertising and see how many words it inspires.

Unfortunately, we’ve become a “surface society,” and no matter what the advertisers say, I believe that society has been dumbed down by their attempts to simplify our lives. I’m of the opinion that you should decide how hard or simple you’d like your life to be, but I digress.

As I continue along my writer’s journey, I’d like to make mention that I realize my style of writing is not for everyone, and I realize that what I say may not always come out in the clearest way…or perhaps it’ll make you reread and think a bit harder (that’s the hope, anyway). But what I’m seeing on social media – the simplistic, overstating of the obvious that gets so much attention is damaging. I’m not one to align myself with conspiracy theories, but each of us, individually, should really take the over-simplified “deep” wisdom and advice we see on social media and challenge ourselves to start thinking again. Once we do, artists such as Mucha will reemerge, there will be originality once again, and we will once again have true culture rather than homogenization.

Oh my, what a distraction I’ve created. It seems the surface is easier to quell, when compared with the churning, belching bowels beneath its seemingly sturdy foundation. The beauty which we see is inarguably Fibonacci. The perfect curves, with elegant appeal. Yet what I seek is what hides amidst the shadows. My brain is in constant flux, between what I need and the truth I seek.

The shadows, however, are what keep me searching along forgotten paths for some hidden meaning. Isn’t it true, after all, that secrets lie in the hidden places? The discovery of secrets – this is where the story is truly told. Little details of discovery, breadcrumbs of truth to keep us hunting.

It seems that, threads of backwards honesty are woven to craft a story made entirely of lies. Constant unwinding and reweaving is necessary to create the true tapestry of one life lived.

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