Wake & Bake Think Tank – A Donut Realization

It was about midnight when I woke up from falling asleep way too early. I smoked my favorite Indica and proceeded to meditate in an effort to relax and drift off. Instead of drifting, though, I found myself thinking about the things I love, and then realized I was in a corridor lined with doors. Every door opened to a reality I could potentially want to experience, at least that’s what the other “me” who was standing with me said.

It took a moment for me to choose a door, a reality, but then my very first thought appeared and before I knew it, I was opening a door to a reality of my love of deliciously decadent foods. A place where tunnels were made of chocolate lined ice cream cones dusted in sprinkles, portions didn’t matter, donuts grew on trees, and I’m sure if it were cloudy, straight deliciousness would have rained down.










The best part of this place? Calories didn’t matter, sugar didn’t matter, nothing mattered except pure enjoyment. There was nothing to worry about, I would never gain a pound or have any negative health risks from indulging in the beauty which was before me. I heard myself say, “I’d absolutely love a life where I could eat anything I want, without guilt, and without risk,” and then I heard the other me say, “You already have that reality.”

“I do?” I asked in return, and before my other self could answer it hit me. I literally DID build a reality where I structure my life and diet, 6 days a week in such a way, that I eat anything I want, in any portion I choose, once a week and feel absolutely zero guilt.

Oh…and I also realized that an Instagram post is exactly the size of a sticky note.

The Moral of the Story

You really do build your reality, it’s about the perspective you take when living in your present.

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