Wake & Bake Think Tank – For Example

The thought above was inspired by this Instagram post by @thecrazydalmatian


This is actually the spring that feeds a river in Croatia, and it’s absolutely gorgeous, although it’s likely a bit enhanced in color. Anyway, I noticed, from this vantage, there is a man sitting on its shores. If you really look at this picture you’ll see that so much is captured in this image, and it got me thinking…after a few hits of weed…whoever took this picture and posted it froze more than just a place and moment in time, they had the awareness and appreciation for its beauty, and a passion for the all encompassing beauty of this planet, as well as this unique location. When suddenly a thought occurred to me, people are passionate about the things they see and experience, and when that passion is focussed and pursued, the ripple effects not only share their experiences with the masses, but also can launch “dream jobs” and careers.

Allow me to give you another example. I love weed, for more than just getting high, although, I do love that. I love its potential, I love that it gives people hope, I love that it changes people’s lives, and opens people’s minds.

So, when it came time to figure out my next move, I knew I wanted to work in an industry for something I loved, something I was passionate about. I know it sounds a bit odd to be passionate about weed, but it changed my life for the better, so it stands to reason that I would seek to parlay my knowledge, experience, and education into the cannabis industry. So that’s just what I did.

I literally get to talk about weed everyday, go home and be with weed every night.

It’s similar to the way people who love to travel have made careers out of blogging, the best truly never went into it for the money, but for the love of sharing the experience, and reliving that experience through their thoughts and words. The money is a total bonus!

It’s a different feeling when you do things you truly love, not for want of money, but for the love of your passion. That’s the space we all need to find. Perhaps, in order to find that space, it’s simply refocussing our attention (weed helps with this step), away from money and giving ourselves permission to find what we love first. Love is, after all, the emotion that manifests. I know that it’s hard to find the trust it takes to let go of your ideas of money, especially when you’re almost not able to pay your bills, please know that I’ve been there. It’s impossible not to try and hatch a plan, or constantly try to figure out how you’re going to get through the next day, and you anticipate that your very next thought is devising another plan for how to get out of the mess. Believe me, I have only recently seen my world change. I got to a place where I was treading water, financially speaking, and began to work on my mind, my thoughts. I only did a few things differently and a whole new world opened up.

What Exactly Did I Do?

1. I got rid of my way of thinking, with every thought I would ask myself, “Does this thought serve me?” If yes, I followed it to its end. If not, I would immediately replace it with a mantra, affirmations, anything self-affirming and positive. “I am healthy, I am happy, I am financially free. All the best things come easily to me,” was one of them.

2. This next step was tough, but after about a week and a half of Step 1, it became easier to focus on the following thought. “I trust The Universe and its timing.” Trust has never been easy for me, but if I believe that there are Universal energies “out there” larger than myself, then why wouldn’t I trust them, even just once?

This is when my life changed, my perspective changed, and my outward world changed. But no one can coach you into this, there is magic to be had, but not from anywhere but within yourself. Every “manifesting” expert is telling us the right steps, it’s just that, for those of us who continue to stumble are simply missing the point.

Manifestation comes from freeing your mind to allow space in your heart for better emotions. Emotions are what manifest your thoughts. We’ve been conditioned to “take control” of our lives, but the reality we’ve manifested is definitely not in our control, but in the charge of governments, religions, society, and more. Refocus your mind on positive thoughts about yourself, throw in a little Universal trust, and you’ve got the recipe for a life changer.

So, back to making a living doing what you love. After repeating these 2 steps a few thousand times, you become so focused on creating and experiencing, that you don’t even realize you’re finding a passion that could soon be a building block in a new career. But you must let go of the result, you simply have to live in the moment, focus on your present thought, and let The Universe do its energetic job. Once you master these two simple steps, you will be infinitely happier and you’ll even start to see that money starts to trickle in, a dime on the ground, maybe find $10 in your jacket pocket. Don’t discredit these moments, they’re amazing manifestations! They may not be the windfall you seek in the present, but they’re signs that money does indeed come easily to you, and will continue to grow as you practice. So, acknowledge them and affirm that “money comes easily to me.” Go back to Steps 1 and 2. You’ll quickly discover that the money is nice, but it’s secondary to the experience you’re having while manifesting it. This is the space where you truly live free!

I wish I could convey the emotions I’m feeling as I write this, because there is synchronicity, which tells me this is right…at least for me. I’m sending you all amazing vibes so that you may live your best life!

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  1. Danny Ward says:

    I love this post! I just recently started smoking weed (well, since high school anyways and I am now 40) and it has been an amazing, enlightening journey. I have become more outwardly social, spent more quality time with my kids, and reignited my (previously thought lost) creativity.

    I have been a lifelong entrepreneur since my early twenties… always driven by “success” – which up until recently meant making a fuck-ton of money. Kids, wife, everything took a back seat to my drive to be “successful”. But it really wasnt until I started smoking weed that I started to chill-the-F-out.

    Your post hit a chord with me because it is so relatable. I have always been trying to make money to make money. But now I am having so many creative business ideas, most of which arent driven by my greed for immediate profit.

    My daughter in 2nd grade just organized a schoolwide recycling drive with the students collecting over 2,000 plastics bottles. One student spent all day collecting plastic bottles from a nature preserve. We ordered that student a bracelet from 4ocean. I’m only mentioning this (well, #1 to brag about my kid, and #2 because I think 4ocean is a great example of how you can do good first, and let the chips fall as they may. Even if they weren’t selling an insane amount of bracelets and the business failed, they would still be a success.


    1. This is so great, Danny! Thank you for sharing! I’ve found that marijuana unlocks the mind in such a unique way…provides perspective in a way my sober mind struggles to find.

      Using it for meditation has helped me tremendously, especially because I have found that the mental progress I’ve made while using marijuana is beginning to carry over into my sober times. If you haven’t tried cannabis meditation, definitely consider it.

      I’ve put together the Cannabis Meditation Network on YouTube. It’s full of meditations and guidance that I have found to be helpful in my journey. All the best to you and your family!!


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