Exploring Thanks

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted any thoughts or random musings, I suppose that’s because my inner-journey has taken a turn, and gotten much deeper. Of course, I could talk all day about the hypocrisy of cannabis laws, the judgement of others about cannabis use…and so on. But today things are different to me. I’ve been having extremely productive and awakening meditations, and even though some may say that they are tainted by cannabis, I prefer to see that they’ve been enhanced. Some of my recent Instagram musings are good indicators as to where my thoughts reside.


Now that it’s Thanksgiving, the nation reflects on things for which they’re thankful, and of course everyone’s sentiment is to be thankful daily, not just once a year. Which got me thinking about the vibe of thankfulness, literally, the vibration of being thankful. An uplifted heart, which seeks to constantly feel this remarkable emotion. After all, emotion is the entire purpose of this reality – to have a thought, and experience the emotion of it. It’s all up to you how you want to feel, which dictates your outward experience. This knowledge changes our general perception of reality. We perceive that thoughts dictate emotions, which is only partially true. In fact, emotions/feelings contribute to the repetition of our thoughts. Feelings, good or bad, become familiar, comfortable. Simply veering away from the familiar can cause negative emotions, but I assure you, you can experience bliss from the inside, and watch it come to life on the outside.

We only perceive that our thoughts come from our heads and create emotion. Truth is, our heads are equally influenced and nurtured by our hearts and our “gut feelings.” If you continue to nurture dreaded feelings, your dreaded thoughts will continue and become familiar old friends, and hard to let go. If you can begin to replace your thoughts of woe with better thoughts, feelings seem to magically follow. But on a much deeper level, you’ll soon discover that feelings are a great influencer of our thoughts. I know it sounds a bit odd, backwards even, but whether you believe it or not, or whether you can get to a more positive emotional space or not, this is indeed a fact. It’s all truly up to you.

I won’t deny that I’ve dwelled in lost, and seemingly self-destructive, negative emotions for quite some time, struggling with meditations, and only occasionally having “realizations.” That was right up until I started a mantra a couple of weeks ago, replacing every negative thought I become aware of with positivity, and my world literally changed right before my eyes. Opportunities arose where I never expected, money appeared, literally out of nowhere, my luck in Las Vegas was changed, all by simply exploring and taking control of my mind. Then, last Saturday morning, I had a reality shaking meditation, which will be the topic of my next blog. I literally spoke to my “higher self,” the greater consciousness, and I have been irrevocably changed by it.

To summarize for you all on this fine Thanksgiving morning, I will simply reference my Instagram post, which was phrased in such a way to cause thought, but this statement, I know, is absolute. Warmest wishes and great vibrations to you all! Let’s journey on together!


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