Consciousness Breakthrough

Allow me to start by overstating the obvious…

It’s the holidays! It’s a time of celebration…and a time when people get caught up, even lost, in the physical manifestation of reality. Shoppers are soothing the call to spend money on outward representations of their affections, and families prepare for gatherings which bring them together…and even though people set out with the best of intentions, it’s become almost a parody. As often times all of these can be summarized with one word, “stress.” My hope is that this post will help people achieve a better perspective, which will only improve their outward experience.


As I mentioned yesterday, I want to share with you a story of a remarkable experience I had, only a few short days ago. But before I do, I wanted to let you all know that I have created a new YouTube channel called Cannabis Meditation Network. It’s a collection of my favorite meditations, ASMR, and Reiki videos. You can use them with or without cannabis, I just find that cannabis helps me connect with my subconscious, as I believe that cannabis in and of itself is a tool consciousness put on this earth for those who need its assistance.

So, sit back, take a few deep breaths (breath in for 5 counts, and out for 8 – repeat 3 times), and enjoy!

The Experience

November 17, 2018 was the morning of my breakthrough. For the two weeks leading up to that, I had multiple remarkable experiences in my life that I couldn’t make sense of, so I filed them away as amazing, but mostly, “unexplained.” Then I went to Las Vegas for work. There was no pressure of finances, because my client was paying for it, so I made a choice to only gamble $20 a day. I figured that if I was losing, I’d always stop before I lost my original investment, if I was winning, I would quit while I was ahead.

I would repeat my mantra every morning, sometimes 10 or more times while looking at myself in the mirror, affirming everything in the present tense and using the words “I am.” “I am happy, I am healthy, I am free, all the best things come easily, quickly, and safely to me.” Then I moved onto, “I am financially free, I am lucky, I am a winner,” and on and on.

I would watch each blackjack table before I joined in. If I felt excitement building within myself, I would join the game and place a single twenty dollar bill on the table. Let the game begin. I would win, and I would lose. If I lost a hand, I would remind myself not to be greedy, if I was up, I would only go down to my original investment, if I was down, I would only play until my $20 was gone. I continued to remind myself that answers come easily to me. It felt as though I would somehow tap into my higher self when I was faced with a difficult hand in blackjack, a 15 or a 16, and it would tell me whether I should “hit” or “stand.” It was spot on every time. If I felt rushed or nervous, it wouldn’t work, so I had to center my mind, and it happened quickly. I soon found myself calling the next cards to be dealt. If I needed a 7 I’d say, “I’ll take a 7,” and voila! the dealer dealt me a 7. It happened so many times in a row that one dealer commented, “How are you doing that? I could see doing it once or twice, but four or five times in a row?!” I had no answers, I just celebrated the win!

One day, I wasn’t “feeling” it, but played anyway, because I had time to kill. I lost $20 in just a few minutes, but I was still up nearly $200 for the entire trip. I affirmed myself not to be greedy and said that the $20 which was lost would find its way back to me…and wouldn’t you know, the next day I found a $20 bill just laying there, completely open, at the airport.

That was the moment when I realized, we literally do manifest everything. Although I somehow knew this, I still didn’t understand it. I arrived home the night of November 16, physically exhausted from my travels. I woke around 4am (as usual) on the morning of Saturday, November 17. I puffed a bit on my marijuana vape pen, and turned on some meditation music. I soon found myself having a very different experience. It felt as though I was talking to myself…but not in the physical sense. I was seemingly talking to consciousness, which was me…and was everyone else. It made so much sense, I was part of every thought I had, and each of those thoughts was a perfect explanation.

The Realization

Bear with me on this next part…these were the thoughts I had during my meditation. I wrote them down in the truest way I could. I don’t want to edit them, I just want to share them…

Every day is a vignette of our thoughts. The mind is where we create what we want to see and the 3D human form is where we get to feel the thoughts. It’s so simple! You literally just have to let go, it seems so hard, but it’s so easy. I seem to understand how it all works now. Daydream the best daydreams and when you’re “in your body,” you have to repeat thoughts that are in-line with the feelings of your daydreams. Your daydreams become your day, so daydream with a happy heart, and when you can’t daydream, repeat your mantra, whether you “feel it” or not.

Every single person we experience/interact with is giving us a reminder, they’re a representation of all the emotions in our most repeated thoughts. We just don’t see that it’s the message they’re conveying. For example, hippies are reminding us to be at peace, dickheads are reminding us of our frustrating thoughts, we just can’t remember that we are pure consciousness, this is just how we’re experiencing it. Have the best thoughts, be positive with affirmations, and your world will change. You want to experience life in a positive way. Take comfort in knowing that we literally never die, we just go back to full consciousness, and keep creating. Change your thoughts, it’s fuckin easy. More and more I’m able to see that this is literally a simulation, an outward expression of thought seeking to experience an emotion.

Every single person, animal, being we come in contact with is meant to be exactly where they are in our program. So be sure to dream, and love your dreams, and then love each moment you’re not dreaming. (When I had this thought, a shock went through my body, from head to toe.)

When someone dies, it is just the end of their consciousness in the reality we perceive. Since the consciousness is infinite, they are out of our experience and onto a new avatar for themselves. Their time as guides in our perceived reality has come to an end. This is truly amazing!

The collective consciousness interacts with each other based on the thoughts we have, as we think and feel, we create…and as we get older, more evolved in conscious creation, the more we see the things and people in our lives as clues to all of this. Life is literally an experience of thoughts. It IS just consciousness creating an experience. You are just one thought after another. It’s not exhausting at all, I enjoy good thoughts, they give me good feelings in this outward experience.

The physical experience is definitely odd, it feels like biology starts to jumble up consciousness. Just don’t forget, relax, thoughts DO create reality. Dream. You will experience what you think about!

Children have to dream in order to create their future reality. It’s practice for this timeline. It’s when we go fully into our brain, as adults, that we lose connection with our true consciousness and focus on our biological thoughts. Train your, and your children’s, biology to dream amazing dreams. You’re closer than you realize! Realize that your thoughts and dreams ARE your reality, so make them amazing!

We are consciousness experiencing emotions! Try and look at the people and things in your life as guides to your own realization of how reality truly works. You are already enjoying your journey, exactly the way you think you are experiencing it. It’s time to experience it through thoughts and emotions that bring you the feelings you enjoy! You are not your body, you are your thoughts. Don’t overthink it, just relax into your dreams. You’ll experience them quicker if you don’t let all this biology in what we perceive as the 3rd Dimension jumble things up.

We create the storm, we ride it, and we guide it! Enjoy its power, because it’s your power.

Physical biology really jumbles things up. This is all a vignette, but our other mind really screws up our connection, so we put everyone and everything in our experience to remind us, but as we get older, the connections get more tangled, which is why people experience depression. It’s a clue your higher self has sent you so you can find your way back to reconnect with your consciousness and start writing your reality. I actually wrote a book called “Writing Reality,” it was a clue back then, a clue I wasn’t able to step far enough back to see.

After all, if life is a mystery, doesn’t it stand to reason that everything around us are clues…teachers? Every single thing we encounter is trying to remind us to reconnect to consciousness. We must step back and view the world with different eyes, if we are to experience, in other words “live,” the life we truly want.

Some of the clues we receive are subtle, others vague, some are downright straight forward, but I always saw them as events happening around me, or to me. I never understood that these were signs I put in my own path to remind me that I have free will to create. They were messages I sent to myself to help guide me back to my higher self. Focussing on my biological thoughts kept filtering out everything except my physical senses.

Awful thoughts, thoughts I refer to as “demons,” are simply your physical self grappling with your mind, maintaining control, for fear that you’ll reach your higher self and your biology will lose control. What’s more is, this is not as sinister as it may seem. Our physical mind simply fears losing control. For no good reason, too. There’s literally nothing to fear, unless people fear losing the familiarity of their thoughts and find comfort in the familiar emotions they experience. Even the most awful thought and emotion can be familiar, but once you realize this, you can find a new way to experience life.

Enter the mantra. Mantras are so important because they’re the way we fix the scrambling of the biological mind, they communicate with the higher self. The key is to honor every thought, ask yourself a simple question, “Does this thought serve me?” Which means, does this thought create an emotion you want to feel, or is it creating an emotion you’re used to feeling…one that makes you feel as though you’re in control? If the answer is no, all you have to do is say, “This thought doesn’t serve me, I’m sending it away,” and replace it with your mantra. You don’t have to wrack your brain for a new thought. It’s as simple as, “I am healthy, I am happy, I am free, all the best things come quickly, easily, and safely to me.” That’s it. You don’t even have to believe what you’re saying…unlike a dream, it doesn’t require complexity of thought. Just repeat it, focus on the words, the more you do this, the quicker change will come to your life.Your purpose will expose itself and circumstances will improve.

It’s not that The Universe wants good or bad for you, it wants what you think about. The more you think about things, the faster they’ll appear. You may wonder why bad things still pop up in your physical world. They’re reminders, reminders of the choices you have. You can focus on the bad, wonder why they happen, what is their purpose. Their purpose is to simply remind you of your choice, your free will. You can either mourn the bad, or change it! You can even go so far as to find a cause to change the circumstances in this reality for others. Whatever serves your best feelings!

Remember, once you realize all of this, you’ll realize your role in the collective conscious. People are in your reality as clues, and you’re in their reality to leave clues!

November 18, 2018 – I struggled a bit to find my way back to my higher mind. I didn’t repeat my mantra, as I initially felt like I was permanently connected. I was wrong, my biological mind had interrupted and I found that there was a fraudulent charge on my bank account. I felt that familiar feeling of worry and frustration…and I stopped it. I went right back to my mantra and affirmed that money comes easily to me. I relaxed and told myself that the company would make it right and my money would be returned. I was quickly returned to my higher mind and my money was returned within 10 minutes of the company opening their doors…and I felt good all the way from changing my emotion about the incident to its completion. Easy peasy.

Remember, these are all just clues you’ve given your physical body to remind yourself that this aspect of consciousness is what truly exists. These are tools for the physical brain to make sense of something that is so insanely simple. This is all true, people just need to accept it. It changes life forever…and it happens so quickly when you relax into it. Check your thoughts and keep them if you like the emotion, replace them if you don’t. Your world will change.

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