Colorado’s Worst Cannabis Brands…(in my humble opinion)

The best thing about the cannabis industry is that the competition is friendly, well, for the most part. Everyone is super friendly, and I really hate saying anything negative about brands that I know work hard and truly believe in their product. But, as with everything, there’s always room for improvement.

The perk about cannabis is that everything from flower to edibles to concentrates will all get you where you want to go, but if we were to rate things on flavor and quality of the high, things would be very different.

Every now and then there’s a local event where people can anonymously vote, in a blind test, on brands. But after a quick search, I didn’t find an honest review of cannabis brands that people don’t like. After all, so many brands get rejected by dispensaries for being mediocre, or just not having enough “hutzpah.” So I’m here to tell you about some of the brands I’ve tried, perhaps even liked at one time, but the bloom has unceremoniously fallen off the rose.


The reality is, Incredibles is a foundation brand in the market…and at one time, I was a fan, but when I tried this Boulder Bar I discovered a new reality – it tastes “hashy.” Although this doesn’t really matter, and I don’t mind that taste, today’s market has so many competing products that taste marvelous, there’s just no room (or need to settle) for hashy. And this isn’t just my opinion, chats with various cannabis industry professionals revealed the same feedback. Perhaps this is why I’ve seen a handful of dispensaries drop their products. So the Boulder Bar sits in my stash for desperate times…fortunately, Colorado cannabis is booming, so it’ll probably be there for awhile.

Honest Marijuana

Considering the guy who’s hustling this brand has a growing reputation for being a complete moron, I gave their product a go anyway. It’s not bad, but it wasn’t nearly as fragrant as it could have been, even though it was vacuumed sealed in what looks like a cat food can. Quite frankly, it took quite a bit to get me high…and that’s saying a lot, considering my tolerance is still intact. There’s just better weed on the market.

PAX Cartridges

These 1/2g cartridges are super convenient, discrete, and the taste is pretty good (depending on which brand is filling them)! However, the cost for 1/2g is simply outrageous and has stopped me from restocking my supply. Plus, I seem to blow through it much faster than other half gram carts on the market. I should mention that if the price was lower I would consider revisiting them, but I just don’t want to spend $50+ on a half gram.

Javalena Extracts

Cough syrup. Enough said. (I’d include a picture, but I threw it out.)

Love’s Oven

I have to say, Love’s is a brand who’s team is just remarkable. Sadly, though, their product is dry and flavorless. You can muscle through it with a few sips of water, and the high is good (then again, almost every high is good for me), but like Incredibles, there are so many amazing brands out there, why “muscle through” when you don’t have to?

I know this small list could make me wildly unpopular in the cannabis community, especially because it seems that no one (other than dispensary buyers) says anything negative to anyone about brands, but I’m sure if I feel this way, others will too. I just hope to save people some money on their next trip to their local Colorado dispensary.

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