Intuitive Tarot is Better with Weed

Lost again, it seems I get lost a lot on this mindfulness/spirituality of consciousness journey. So this morning it was a Sativa wake and bake, coupled with pulling my tarot cards, which I haven’t felt the need to read in quite some time. As the scene unfolded, I began writing my thoughts in my journal, and next thing I knew, the cards began to tell a story, which wound up being the most intuitive, introspective, revealing, and relevant tarot experience I’ve ever had.

Here is my journal entry…

Spread: Simple 3 Card – Past Present Future

As I pulled the cards I didn’t really have a specific question in mind, I was simply thinking deeply as I shuffled. Very similar to a meditation. As I pulled my first card I said, “Just tell me what I need to know.”

1st Card in Past Position: 8 of Wands

Confusion, concern, disbelief, losing control. Huge energy shift is coming and coming fast.

2nd Card In Present Position: 4 of Cups

Bounty has dwindled, the cups are empty. I am focused on the lack in front of me. So much so, I am unable to see that even though the few cups I do have are empty, they are ripe for the filling, and there’s even another cup right behind me, which means I’ll have room to claim even more bounty.

There is help right behind me. I indeed have more than I realize. I have a bounty to seek out and the vessels to fill. but because I am so focused on the how little I have, I just sit and look at empty cups instead of accepting what is being offered and taking the necessary action to refill the cups.

3rd Card Future Position: 6 of Cups

I have found my bounty and even found a few more vessels to fill along the way; it’s an admirable sum. I have restored myself, and am finally in a position to share my bounty with those who could use it.

I continued to hold the cards as I read the initial l spread. I found myself thinking, how do each of these phases end? So without reshuffling, I drew one card and laid it across the Past card, making a cross. I read the card, and then repeated the process for the Present and the Future.

Here’s how it went –

Past Cross Card: 8 of Cups

Past confusion and uncertainty ends with me taking my vessels and embarking on the journey to refill them. I had the tools, now I needed to find my harvest. It was to be a journey into the unknown, which led me to my present, but if you remember, I had 4 fewer vessels in the present, and they were all empty, which means I lost some storage space for my bounty, and gave up as I was searching for my harvest. Yet I still have more than I realize. I have 4 vessels for my bounty, all I have to do is keep going.

So how does my Present cycle end?

Present Cross Card: 6 of Pentacles

Earthy riches suddenly arrive from an unexpected source, a source of wisdom and experience – both in the physical world and philosophical world. The gratitude surrounding the bestower of earthly riches is indescribable, a sense of security in the human form is important in order to grow mentally.

This is going to lead me into a bountiful future, my cups are finally full – I even found 2 more along the way! But what will come of the future?

Future Cross Card: 8 of Swords

A new chapter will begin with mental struggle and a sense of hopelessness. New challenges will create new mental scenarios, and before I’ll know it, I’ll be right back to feeling paralyzed, blinded, not knowing what to do. I won’t realize that I wandered back onto a mental mine field…as I always do.

Closing Thoughts

I should remember that I am wiser in the future. Instead of remaining frozen, blinded by the circumstances of my past, I can fight to free myself, and realize that the struggles the swords represent are actually my wisdom, and wisdom is the best weapon.

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