Slices of Cake & Slivers of a Broken Heart

Technically the “slices of cake” are hits of Papaya Cake, a unique strain of cannabis that combines a tropical fruitiness with a sweetness reminiscent of cake. Take it from me these flavors are prominent, especially when you think about weed differently. I used to be the stoner who said, “It’s tastes like weed,” or “It’s good,” and then in comparison I’d say, “this one tastes like different weed.” Until I started thinking about the tastes and calling attention to the effects, I didn’t really care about the sommelier side of marijuana. After all, when I started drinking wine, it was social and what was palatable. It took time to figure out that there were layers to an experience I could explore. The more intoxicated you get, the more the experience heightens, the words you choose will be different as you perspective changes. Same goes for weed. In this case, Papaya Cake are the “slices” I vaped and below is the creation that came along with this particular perspective change.

Slivers of my previous broken hearts are placed as keystones in a series of arches in brand new facade, awaiting their next barrage. When it comes and my mortar crumbles, rest assured the keystone will survive, and I will once again rebuild ~

forever to be built around slivers of who I used to be.

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