Settle Your Thoughts, Don’t Lower Your Standards

I saw this post on Instagram this evening, and I just had to repost it. Thing is, my caption occurred to me so spontaneously that I knew I had to explore it.

Settling means so much, doesn’t it? In everyday life, it generally means to “take what you can get.” How crappy is that? Then people say, “settle down,” which is rather dismissive, isn’t it? Not saying that calling for calmness isn’t appropriate in certain situations, but “settle down” can be just as infuriating as saying “calm down,” and is just counterproductive.

How many times do you settle in a day…without ever giving attention to the other kind of “settle.” Settling, in another context, means calming. It ushers in clarity, which yields peace and confidence…if you trust what you see amidst the settling storm.

If you really think about it, “settling down” or settling for something different than you originally intended doesn’t have to mean lowering your standards, or taking what you can get. It means raising your awareness, allowing the murky water to clear so you can see the abundance of opportunity different options bring.

The best way to settle, at least to me, is to meditate. The storm abates, your mind is open, and a higher version of yourself is realized.

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