The Losses Are My Greatest Accomplishments

I am thankful everyday for the people and things in my life. It would be rather lazy of me to tell you for whom and what items in my life, I am thankful.

I have found another type of gratitude, not for things but for events, especially the losses.

I have yet to understand all of them, but what is gained, although unrecognizable, sometimes for years, is a perspective which can only come from a loss.

Appreciation for your gains, your wins after your spectacular losses – the ones where you lose almost everything, the ones where you don’t know how you’ll survive another day, where the money to pay your bills will come from, when you have to say goodbye to someone special, when your love is not returned, when people you thought were your friends abandon you – is the sincerest form of gratitude.

So thank you to everything I’ve lost. I appreciate you for showing me the value of what I have.

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