Intuitive Coffee

Well, my morning has led to some interesting conversations, to say the least. As I dive deeper into my “intuitive coffee” readings, I decided to practice. The results are below.

The recipient of this cup is in a deep state of transformation. Hidden depths are beginning to surface and take shape in their external reality. Abundance is in full bloom today, and travel, perhaps even a great journey is ahead. Leave behind what no longer serves you and don’t look back, a new world awaits on a distant horizon.
Feminine energy abounds with this cup, so focus on creation today, but use caution, sometimes beauty is deceiving and alter egos can have sinister motives.
The waters of your life right now are unclear, but seemingly peaceful, but proceed with caution. The further you move from the light, you are destined to reach darkness. But move not with fear, darkness too has its reward. Now is the perfect time to remain calm, find your inner strength, and work with the current of your thoughts, not against it. There is much to be learned from the uncertainty on the horizon, so prepare your thoughts and goals while there is no wake churning. You can navigate the darkness best when you know your intended destination. Expect the unexpected today and embrace the new opportunities it brings.

I’ll give you your morning coffee reading for just $0.99. Snap a pic and send it to and zip me the $0.99 via PayPal with this link. (Just for fun, of course!)

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