Latte Foam Readings

Allow me to start off with, this is completely for fun. I had a random thought the past couple of mornings and today I posted it on my Insta and personal Facebook, and apparently some people enjoyed it. Now allow me to catch you up…

We’ve all read our horoscopes at some point in our lives and perhaps even dabbled with tarot, but let’s be honest, coffee speaks to our souls. With that, I’ve decided that if you’d like a latte foam reading, coffee bubble reading, etc., I’m happy to oblige. Who knows, maybe I’ll hit on something profound for you.

PayPal me $0.99 using this link and send me a picture of your coffee at You’re welcome to include what you see, but I won’t let that impact your reading. I’ll send you back my intuitive thoughts, maybe even throw in a poem or something…whatever inspires me. Let’s have a little fun, shall we??

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