Playing with Patterns…in Coffee

As I dive a little deeper into my subconscious and apply my thoughts to what I see in my morning latte foam, I can’t help but consider that there might actually be something to this.

We know that we are energy, and we know that our thoughts affect our body as well as the physical world we experience. We also know that assumptions influence the outcomes of scientific experiments. Thus, it is only natural that our mind’s energy will impact our coffee making process, and once the physical body pours the coffee the results are a culmination of your unique energy. This equally applies to coffee we don’t touch…such as Keurig coffee. Your process and intentions imprint on that coffee, whether you pour it or not.

What I’m interested in is how you take your coffee…the final product. If you take your coffee black, then the bubbles which present themselves have literally been influenced by you. If you take your coffee with cream and sugar, stir, and right before you sip is a reflection of your energy as well. The cup is uniquely you.

I actually did my first “read” of someone’s morning pour. The results are below:

The moon is waxing, as its light outshines most of the darkness. Its pull is much greater today, asking you to listen to your intuition, and connect with your feminine energy. Today would be an excellent day for creativity and embracing your inner artist.
The moon looks into the darkness with no fear, only the knowledge of The Universe to guide her. She is an observer, and has gained all of her wisdom by watching and learning, influencing life by accepting her nature and surrendering to her natural pull.
Step back today and observe your life. It is a collection of millions of experiences and thoughts. Consider the wisdom you have gained from your surroundings, accept them, and apply them to the darkness before you.
The experiences which define you are big and small, none of which can be denied, for they come together to make you you. It is possible to rewrite your story by changing your perspective on the more definitive moments in your life, but remember, every bubble you break (changed perspective), the light shrinks a bit and you must surrender further to the darkness in order to find your life’s unique truth. You are being guided back to your self today, invited to embrace your true nature, and let it guide you back to your truth.

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