Coffee Obsession

I knew I enjoyed my morning coffee. It’s so much more for me than the popular cries of “needing” a morning coffee. I enjoy my coffee, the lushness and the flavor yield infinite enjoyment and help me set a positive mind for the day ahead. But after just a couple of days, and some good times “reading” coffee bubbles and latte foam, I never expected to become somewhat obsessed with what it can reveal.

My Magical Morning

My Morning Latte

This morning’s latte was created using my usual “free pour,” and as you’ll see, I’m headed for a magical day. A day where my wish is the genie’s command. Anything is possible today, but I should choose my wishes wisely, bathe in the relief of burdens lifted, wishes granted, and all I need to do today is relax and have faith that they will be delivered. It has taken a lot for the energies of life to bring me to such a magical day, and today’s pour is letting me know that I have reached a very special time in my personal evolution. A time when anything is possible, a time to realize that all the work I’ve been doing on myself is worth it, that I’m worth it, and with this perspective, magic is possible.

Reading for Others

My friends and family have begun to send me their morning coffee shots, too! It’s so much fun to tap my intuition and share with them my insights. It’s so much more personal to me than looking at ink blots. Perhaps my thoughts can offer a new perspective and usher in positive change in perspectives. Reading coffee, as some would read tea leaves, is just entirely too much fun! They can take from it what they will, but in the end, I wish them peace and comfort always.

This next read was crazy for me. The picture was taken right after the pour ended and it looks ominous, doesn’t it? See the read below.

Things are in a phase of creation for you and whatever The Universe has in store for you is big. Life may seem chaotic right now, and your thoughts may be scattered by the new energy you’re using, but what is coming is going to make a marked change in your life. This change is coming deep from within, like an earthquake or volcano. These forces may seem destructive to those who view it from the wrong perspective, but these are necessary forces as the earth grows and changes, and heals itself. It is never the same, but these forces create beautiful mountains for people to admire. Now is not the time to be reactive, now is the time to observe your life and let the things you put in motion yesterday take shape. Meditation and doing things you enjoy today will help settle your thoughts and gain perspective on the big changes ahead. Keep in mind, change is nothing to fear, it’s evolution.

My Second Cup

As thoughts of the day begin to form there is freedom and flow. The magic of the genie has heralded the peaceful awakening, which will carry through the day if I allow it. I can choose my thoughts and give myself cause to celebrate and flow with each of them. Move freely today, all is harmonious.

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