“Exploring Spirituality?”

An excerpt from my upcoming short story, "Exploring Spirituality?" Coming soon to Amazon Kindle.  You can read the inspiration for my upcoming guide to spirituality in my short story, "The Reluctant Medium" by Josie de Vere on Amazon Kindle. 


Over the past few weeks, I've found myself saying, "I don't know what to do," more times than I could count. So I waited, it was all I could do. I waited for time and circumstance to present me with a path. Not only was I given a path, I was given peace for the … Continue reading Awakening

A Meditative Awakening

I had an experience during last night's meditation that is a bit hard to capture in words, so please bear with me.  You know how all the "experts" say that in order to manifest something in your life you have to truly believe it? You can't just want it...you have to know it...trust it. I … Continue reading A Meditative Awakening

A Pivotal Moment 

Even though I try to be confident, I found myself a the bottom today. I simply don't know what plan I have for my future...I don't know which way to go. Even though I'm a bit lost, I do know that the greatest clarity comes at times like these. So now I wait, partially afraid, … Continue reading A Pivotal Moment 

Collective Conscious

I'm back to thinking about the collective conscious. If this is all truly a hologram of a greater consciousness' experience...then everything that everyone else knows is what we know. There is no separation of the "self" only one collective experience. The things happening around the world are all part of our own personal experience...it is … Continue reading Collective Conscious

Just for Today

The day will unfold as it will, in perfect rhythm. Your intentions are known. Opportunities to have the things you need and want will present themselves. For just this one day, be the observer. Allow yourself to believe that your desires will be fulfilled and your problems solved, without overthinking every detail. Situations will seemingly … Continue reading Just for Today