The Government Agent’s Wife

I've decided to share my story. It's less about entertainment and more about therapy. Perhaps you can relate...although, in many cases, I hope you can't. I'll start at the beginning and end somewhere near the present. Not sure how many posts this will take, so keep an eye out.  My Beginning It was a warm, … Continue reading The Government Agent’s Wife

The Adulteress

Continuing to write day at a time.  If I were a different type of person, I could likely find a reason for such treason. I could blame my parents for being too strict, perhaps, in some cosmic sense, I'm to pay for the sins of my father...and maybe even the sins of my mother. … Continue reading The Adulteress

The Higher Self

Last night I had an amazing experience...I actually "heard" my feelings. Not in the sense of audible words in my ears, it was something much deeper, and much harder to explain. You've heard to listen to your feelings, but have you ever actually heard them? Heard them without all the interference of your consciousness? The … Continue reading The Higher Self

Right & Wrong, Front & Back

What if right was wrong and wrong was right? Everything you believed to be true would be lost and then with what would you be left? Just yourself and your backwards beliefs.  Yet how do you navigate when all you know is lost? The answer is simple, although we often choose to ignore - instinct … Continue reading Right & Wrong, Front & Back

I Use the Word “Experience” A Lot in This One

More random thoughts that don't necessarily string together very well - Really think about the value of experience. The value of learning about situations, how they make you feel, and what you learn about yourself from all of your experiences combined.  What you're experiencing now is an invaluable, albeit temporary, lesson so you can move … Continue reading I Use the Word “Experience” A Lot in This One