Who I Was & Who I Am

What I wanted at 25 is a far cry from what I want at almost 40. Not saying that it "wasn't what I truly wanted," actually, it was...at least it was then. I stumbled upon a mentor and took his advice...and it made me into the person...no...it made me into the professional I am today. But … Continue reading Who I Was & Who I Am


I just watched a clip on Facebook about the girl from the Wonder Years. Basically, she found what she loved after Hollywood...she found her happiness. (You can watch the video here - http://www.pbs.org/video/2365768195/)  The very next post I saw read, "This is the dream." Which was basically a person playing with a puppy. That's when … Continue reading Dreams

Manifesting Your Dreams

Some people say we need to truly believe we already have what we desire in order for it to manifest in our reality. Well, what if we are constantly slipping into other universes and realities? What if each day we see ourselves waking up in the reality that holds our most cherished desires? Each day … Continue reading Manifesting Your Dreams