A Wish That Didn’t Come True

Life is truly a funny thing. Some moments I have such clarity, others not so much. Just a few minutes ago I spoke a small prayer that something great was going to come into my life and at that exact moment I received a rejection letter from Kindle Singles for the short story I published. Having been rejected so many times in my life, I wasn’t devastated, but I did find myself saying, “Really? That’s the way this went?” But my next breath was full of certainty, this just wasn’t the great thing that was meant to happen. I counted up all the blessings I had in this one day – coupons that paid for the majority of my purchases, discounts that paid for most of my lunch, and I won $2 on scratch tickets – even though I spent $9. I looked at all I had received in such a short time and counted those as blessings as opposed to “not enough.”

The Moral of the Story

There are even greater things on the horizon, so please don’t give up hope, just keep pressing forward knowing that your greatest thought will be realized at exactly the right time.

´╗┐Higher Thoughts

What is your highest thought about yourself? Can you go higher? Or is this the thought that warms your heart and makes you smile knowing all will be right in your world if this thought came to pass? If so, then this is the thought you should reflect upon each day and each night. Embrace the feeling that thought gives you and trust in it. It will bring new life to you, new possibilities, new experiences. 

Here’s my highest thought – great things are about to happen. Like a long-awaited reunion, I’m excited for their arrival.