The 10 Minute Pocket Guide to Changing Your Life

I was inspired to post a short video of an essay I wrote a couple of years ago. My hope is that it will help you as you continue on your journey of self awareness. You can download it on Amazon Kindle if you’d like to use it as a reference, or simply listen to…

More News From Hell 

“By The Devil’s Hand: A Composition of The Devil’s Work” is coming soon to Amazon Kindle! You can get “A Conversation with The Devil” by Josie de Vere FREE today on Amazon.

When You Are Strong

“A Conversation with The Devil” by Josie de Vere is now available on Amazon Kindle!

It’s Your Decision

The release of “A Conversation with The Devil” is growing near! You can pre-order on Amazon for only $.99!  As we await The Devil’s fateful arrival, I’ve started another dialogue with him, in an effort to set the record straight. 

An Author’s Big Day!

This is way too exciting! Pre-order your copy of “A Conversation with The Devil,” by Josie de Vere on Amazon today! Just $.99.

The Tides Rise & Fall

My new book, “Exploring Spirituality?” is coming along nicely. If you want to read a bit more about me and my personal experiences as I started out on this journey of spirituality, check out “The Reluctant Medium” by Josie de Vere, on Amazon Kindle. 

“Exploring Spirituality?”

An excerpt from my upcoming short story, “Exploring Spirituality?” Coming soon to Amazon Kindle.  You can read the inspiration for my upcoming guide to spirituality in my short story, “The Reluctant Medium” by Josie de Vere on Amazon Kindle. 


…and the journey continues.  (You can read where the journey began in my short-story on Amazon Kindle. “The Reluctant Medium“, by Josie de Vere)

A Mantra

As I continue my journey through the 7 Hermetic Principles, this has become my mantra.  To read about the beginnings of my spiritual journey, check out “The Reluctant Medium,” by Josie de Vere on Amazon.

Allow Yourself to Dream

The past two days have been amazing and eye-opening. I discovered what I truly love, which allowed me to set a goal…which is allowing me to build my ability to manifest. I think I finally get it…but I’m sure there’s much more to learn.  Follow my journey from the beginning, “The Reluctant Medium” by Josie…