Stoner Tip: Want to Up Your Meditation Game?? 

It's so simple, if you want to up your meditation game...meditate stoned while focusing on the Sri Yantra.  If you'd like to read a brief, mediocrely written story about my bizarre experience in being a Medium check out "The Reluctant Medium" by Josie de Vere on Amazon. 

Writer’s Unlock: The Cannabis Cure for Writer’s Block

Well, another morning's wake and bake has led to a bit of inspiration. Let's see how this comes out.  The other day, when I came up with the whole "Writer's Unlock" idea...I was having a conversation with myself. It was was me, only it didn't seem like it was me. I was so focused … Continue reading Writer’s Unlock: The Cannabis Cure for Writer’s Block

Meditation & Marijuana

There really isn't a better combination than meditation & marijuana...actually, it's the other way around. Anyway, I got to thinking about just how wonderful life would be if we could walk outside and love Nature so much that we nurtured and cared for her as much as we care for ourselves and our families. We … Continue reading Meditation & Marijuana

You Today vs You Yesterday

While meditating, I found myself saying "I wish I was who I am today back in high school." Then it hit me, why? Why isn't it ok to be this person today...I love that I can appreciate myself 17 year old self would never have appreciated this type of experience, knowledge, and growth. Why … Continue reading You Today vs You Yesterday

A Meditative Awakening

I had an experience during last night's meditation that is a bit hard to capture in words, so please bear with me.  You know how all the "experts" say that in order to manifest something in your life you have to truly believe it? You can't just want have to know it. I … Continue reading A Meditative Awakening