New Fiction

I've decided to start writing again...I don't really understand why I ever stop. I suppose it's because it drains me to think about topics and, then weave words that desire to be read. But here I go...again.  "I am an adulteress." I repeated this to myself, as I searched the reflection in the mirror for … Continue reading New Fiction

Enter The Naysayer

Here I am, still trying to undo my constant skepticism and judgement of myself. I found something recently that gives me strength - I found my passion. It is unconventional, but knowing my ever evolving self, I would expect it to be nothing less. In the end, it is mine and I am happy to … Continue reading Enter The Naysayer

Finding Passion

For years I've tried to visualize the life I wanted so I could somehow start working my way there. And for years, I struggled...I knew what I wanted, but could never get excited about it because I had no idea how it would come to be in my life. I could never have quite enough … Continue reading Finding Passion