New Fiction

I've decided to start writing again...I don't really understand why I ever stop. I suppose it's because it drains me to think about topics and, then weave words that desire to be read. But here I go...again.  "I am an adulteress." I repeated this to myself, as I searched the reflection in the mirror for … Continue reading New Fiction

Higher Thoughts

What is your highest thought about yourself? Can you go higher? Or is this the thought that warms your heart and makes you smile knowing all will be right in your world if this thought came to pass? If so, then this is the thought you should reflect upon each day and each night. Embrace … Continue reading Higher Thoughts


Each of us was taught what was to be considered important...what possibilities were right and which were wrong. Now, our brains are unable to see all the other possibilities in the world. For example, if I perceive there is something that I want but was told that "something" was unimportant, I have learned to dismiss … Continue reading Choices

A Letter to Myself

I've heard that god...or whatever is out there communicates through feelings. I just want you to is nothing short of a blessing. A gift. I have experienced the most amazing feeling of all...true love. A love that is so pure that I wanted to give myself. Which was my gift. My body, my mind, … Continue reading A Letter to Myself