Enabling “Bad” Behavior

Allow me to preface this blog with – if you’re looking for a more socially acceptable perspective on something you feel guilt/regret/sorrow over – a … Enabling “Bad” Behavior


A cannabis meditation writer’s journey. I did an edible (Northern Standard’s Raspberry Ripples) and smoked pot while I waited for the edible to kick in (Northern Standard Bordeaux Lavender vape, to be exact). Then I meditated to this meditation on YouTube (which is also saved to a playlist on the Cannabis Meditation Network), and wrote…

Sifting Through the Ashes

Well, I took a little time away from this page, settled into my career and embarked on a ridiculous challenge of Cannabis Infused Orgasms. It was completely over the top, although tastefully done…for the most part. But the lesson is that the challenge I embarked upon sparked something in me and I’ve once again found…

By The Devil’s Hand

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When You Are Strong

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It’s Your Decision

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An Author’s Big Day!

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