New Fiction

I've decided to start writing again...I don't really understand why I ever stop. I suppose it's because it drains me to think about topics and, then weave words that desire to be read. But here I go...again.  "I am an adulteress." I repeated this to myself, as I searched the reflection in the mirror for … Continue reading New Fiction

The Divinity Within

The reason things don't work is because we use our consciousness to manipulate situations. But it's really no wonder that that doesn't work. There's just too much noise, too much interference. If we could let go and trust that our needs and wants are absolutely perfect and just let them play out as they shall, … Continue reading The Divinity Within

The Memory of a Heartbreak

The winds that usher in the next season met my tear stained cheeks with the smack of chilling reality. My body aches from your sweet sting, the one that brought me to my knees. The trails of exploration that traipse across my body still shimmer with the memory of your touch. Yet my heart hangs … Continue reading The Memory of a Heartbreak

Sometimes I Don’t Even Understand My Thoughts

As I drove down the road I realized how life is like a game of chess. Every move, every negotiation, is a strategic position. Only logic can prevail Settling into the right space I negotiate for everything But tonight I found a happiness that has evaded me for a lifetime Simply knowing you exist is … Continue reading Sometimes I Don’t Even Understand My Thoughts