Well, I Just Figured Out the Meaning of Life…I Think

I had a thought…that makes sense one moment, and seems overstated at others…then I wonder what the hell I’m even talking about. That process should be pretty obvious as you read on. 

What if…

The secret to life – happiness, sadness, wealth, poverty, love, hate, etc., could be found in a simple pattern? 

And what if…

Each individual had their own pattern, yet there was another, larger pattern that each individual pattern fit into? Could we find a mathematical code in our brains that is our pattern…and then crack the code??

After all…

All patterns are geometry, and humans are geometric, as are all living things.


What if the secret to life is cracking your unique geometric code?

In these moments…

I regret not paying closer attention in Ms. Ponchetti’s Sophomore Geometry class. 


I got to thinking about relationships, why some succeed and why some fail. I realized that it has nothing to do with the other person…and has everything to do with you. 

The real reason in all situations of success and failure lies with one question – Do you like the “you” who showed up? It’s easy to place the blame on others’ actions, or inactions. But the reality is do you like the person you are when you are with them…do you like the person you’ve become? 

People should complement our lives, not complicate them. If they don’t, respect and love the experience, but have the courage to move on. There’s more waiting for you. 

The Useless Act of Fearing Consequence

More stoney thoughts that seemed profound at the time, but may not make a ton of sense in the morning hours. 

Fearing the consequences of getting what we want.
Fearing the return of natural balance – if I achieve something great, I am subjected to the natural consequence of that greatness – kind of like yin and yang. The payment, we perceive as equally great. To achieve a million dollars, the consequence would be equal to that…we perceive a million dollars as a lot of money, so our payment must be equally as expensive. 

I believe that you will only manifest what makes you happy…truly happy. You cannot fear your desires for the fear of consequence. An honest desire will have no consequence. No matter what you go through achieving it or keeping it, the rewards are always better than the alternatives. 

If we haven’t achieved what we desire, we must look at what thoughts are blocking us…what beliefs are preventing our desires from presenting themselves. 

You simply have to believe in your desires. It doesn’t matter what you call it…if you believe you will do something, you will. If you believe your keys will show up, they will. You don’t have to understand why or how…you just know it…deeply. 

I really don’t want a million dollars. That really doesn’t matter to me…but what a million dollars will bring me is exactly what I want – peace of mind…security. I want to live life calmly, happily, having fun and experiencing new people and new things. I want to experience love and peace of mind…having complete health and success. These are the only things of consequence money can bring.