You Today vs You Yesterday

While meditating, I found myself saying “I wish I was who I am today back in high school.” Then it hit me, why? Why isn’t it ok to be this person today…I love that I can appreciate myself today…my 17 year old self would never have appreciated this type of experience, knowledge, and growth. Why do so many of us want to take our knowledge back in time instead of applying it to our future? Do we think we can undo some great damage…make better choices? You know as well as I do that we needed to make those choices and experience the resulting damages to become this greater version of ourselves. If we were this amazing person all those years ago, we would make other bad decisions and suffer, perhaps, greater damages. Choices, good and bad, helped mold the person we now know. 
Although, it really is nice to realize that we apparently love this version of ourselves so much, we wish we were always like this.


I got to thinking about relationships, why some succeed and why some fail. I realized that it has nothing to do with the other person…and has everything to do with you. 

The real reason in all situations of success and failure lies with one question – Do you like the “you” who showed up? It’s easy to place the blame on others’ actions, or inactions. But the reality is do you like the person you are when you are with them…do you like the person you’ve become? 

People should complement our lives, not complicate them. If they don’t, respect and love the experience, but have the courage to move on. There’s more waiting for you.