Well, This is Odd

About an hour ago I was asking the Universe, "After all the times you've proven yourself to me, why do I continue to doubt you and your power within me?" The Present - I'm watching a show on sacred geometry and am fascinated. I never understood geometry and was never very good with ratios and … Continue reading Well, This is Odd

Conformity – Reject It

There's so much about this Universe we don't understand. Look inside yourself. Find out what you stand for...what matters most to you. Do right by the individuals you encounter but don't conform to anything you don't believe in...governments, religions, societies, businesses, etc. Even if you find yourself on a path alone, at least you know … Continue reading Conformity – Reject It

Three Thoughts

Yesterday was a hard day. I went to bed feeling defeated but had the following thoughts just before I fell asleep. Thought 1: If we are biological computers, from where do we download our information? History, perhaps? But how do we create new history? Where did we get our instincts? We must be downloading from … Continue reading Three Thoughts

The Higher Self

Last night I had an amazing experience...I actually "heard" my feelings. Not in the sense of audible words in my ears, it was something much deeper, and much harder to explain. You've heard to listen to your feelings, but have you ever actually heard them? Heard them without all the interference of your consciousness? The … Continue reading The Higher Self