Feelings Feel Better with Weed

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The Box Labeled “Grandma’s Dishes”

This came to me in the wee hours of the morning, when I was forced to crop a picture so it would fit the platform I was using. I can’t help but think that a narrow horizon is an oxymoron…and so is a narrow mind. As usual, I was thinking about the mindless words and…

Sifting Through the Ashes

Well, I took a little time away from this page, settled into my career and embarked on a ridiculous challenge of Cannabis Infused Orgasms. It was completely over the top, although tastefully done…for the most part. But the lesson is that the challenge I embarked upon sparked something in me and I’ve once again found…

The Adulteress

Continuing to write fiction…one day at a time.  If I were a different type of person, I could likely find a reason for such treason. I could blame my parents for being too strict, perhaps, in some cosmic sense, I’m to pay for the sins of my father…and maybe even the sins of my mother….

New Fiction

I’ve decided to start writing again…I don’t really understand why I ever stop. I suppose it’s because it drains me to think about topics and, then weave words that desire to be read. But here I go…again.  “I am an adulteress.” I repeated this to myself, as I searched the reflection in the mirror for…

The Inkwell

This is what I love about using marijuana before meditation…amazing, random thoughts pop into my head. 

Daily Ponder

My journey inward continues.  Read more about the beginning in “The Reluctant Medium” by Josie de Vere, on Amazon. The next short-story is coming soon!

Talks with the Dead

Not sure why I’m still doubting after this. If you’re into spirituality, mediums, ghosts, and the paranormal, check out my short story on Amazon…”The Reluctant Medium.”