Meditation Guidance

Just a quick video from the one and only Joe Rogan, from the Joe Rogan Experience. This video is also saved to Cannabis Meditation Network’s Cannabis Manifesting Guidance Playlist.

Cultural Significance

When you take a step back, it’s easier to see the “signs” that our everyday life present. Well, some may call them signs, others may call them “themes,” whichever you prefer, the message is the same. As we journey into ourselves, take a step back, observe, and learn.

Cannabis Meditation Network

Warmest welcome to my newest YouTube channel – Cannabis Meditation Network. My goal is to share with you the the meditations and information I’ve found most useful over the many years of my inner journey. I hope you enjoy my occasional commentary, as well as the playlists I’ve compiled by a variety of contributors. Whether…

Marijuana & Parallel Universe Meditation

I had a remarkable experience with a meditation I found on YouTube. So much so, I had to share it with all of you! The video below is short and sweet, and the link to the meditation is in the video’s description. I hope you all have as remarkable of an experience as I. Enjoy…

I Just Manifested A Pineapple

Recently I made a couple of changes in my life…I quit smoking, and mostly quit drinking. I wasn’t looking to quit drinking…but I just haven’t felt like doing it, so I stopped. Anyway, these changes have had some great side-effects. Primarily, I’m not nearly as tired as I’ve been in the past…which has led to…