Three Thoughts

Yesterday was a hard day. I went to bed feeling defeated but had the following thoughts just before I fell asleep.

Thought 1: If we are biological computers, from where do we download our information? History, perhaps? But how do we create new history? Where did we get our instincts? We must be downloading from somewhere. Are we all a creation of some greater program?

Thought 2: It’s mind blowing to perceived the infinite. Maybe we are just a bubble in an infinite number of multiverses.

Thought 3: If we combine Thoughts 1 & 2, doesn’t it stand to reason that we can tell the “programmer” that we want to experience something different in the Universe we perceive?

As “out there” as these thoughts may be, when I awoke this morning I realized that the sun rose again and offered countless possibilities. Make it a great day!

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