I just watched a clip on Facebook about the girl from the Wonder Years. Basically, she found what she loved after Hollywood…she found her happiness. (You can watch the video here – http://www.pbs.org/video/2365768195/

The very next post I saw read, “This is the dream.” Which was basically a person playing with a puppy. That’s when I realized, although I love playing with puppies, is that really “the dream”…the one thing I strive for…the one thing that would fulfill me? The simple answer is, “No.” My dreams are much bigger and even though fulfilling that puppy dream would be highly attainable…I began wondering why we dream so small? Why not dream big? Then I realized, we have been conditioned to strive for simple things…things that we perceive as attainable. 

If playing with puppies is your dream, then I want you to know that I’m happy for you…your life is set! If finding love, wealth, spiritual growth…whatever your dream may be, then I’m happy for you…your life is set! The bottom line is, you can achieve your dreams…no matter how big or small! This is your new reality…this is the reality where magic happens! Believe and it will come. 

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