The Volatile One

My mom being a very emotionally volatile person taught me from a very young age to read people’s expressions body language and interactions, it taught me to nurture my intuition – something I heavily rely on. Although, I don’t understand why I trust my intuition more when it comes to others, than I do in reference to myself. I suppose is a proximity thing…I’m to close to my own bullshit to maintain perspective as I do for others. I suppose this is why I have more patience for others’ emotions than I do for my own. 
Time to unwind from this cycle of distrust and impatience with myself. I no longer want it to play out in my interactions with others. It’s basic displacement. 
SIDE NOTE: I love my mom very much. She did the best she could and we are very close…but that doesn’t mean that she managed her emotions well and that it didn’t impact me. The bigger picture is – she and I learned from each other…and for that, I’m grateful. 

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